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The Funny Cars

These ground pounding, fire breathing, tire smoking, art forms bring crowds to the racetrack and fans to their feet at over 200 MPH! Guarenteed to make any fans heart race. These are a MUST SEE! 

The Rules

NW BB/FC Association was formed in 2008. The association mission is to put on the best show! The rules are simple:

1. Put on a show

2. Make every fan experience great

3. Run a 6.70 tuning Target

4. Run a 1965-1980 Body Style Funny Car

5. Run any Motor/ Transmission Combo

6. Run a Roots-Type Blower

7. No Delay Boxes, Data Recorders only

8. Points based on coloset to the 670 ET and on quickest reaction time.

Where to find US

NW BB/FC is located within the Northwest however we have represented the association as far north as Canada, as far east as Kentucky and as far south as Bakersfield, CA. The three main racetracks you can find us at are Woodburn, OR, Bosie, ID and Misson BC.  Find our complete schedule below.

2018 Schedule

No upcoming events.

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Randy Parker 253-840-2810

Don Harter 509-570-2362

Royce Taylor 509-595-7135

Ralph Hubbert 360-508-4500

NW BB Funny Car Association