Royce Taylor Racing


Royce Taylor Racing

Owner/Driver: Royce Taylor

Crew chief: Mike Hall

1972 Mach 1 Mustang

526 c.i. Brad Anderson Engine

Hometown: St. John, Wa

fb: Royce-Taylor-Racing

Seed Department manager for Northwest Grain Growers

40 years racing experience

As one of the original founding members of the Northwest BB/FC Association, Royce Taylor works hard at making sure the Double B stays active in the drag racing world. Not only does he have two cars racing under the Royce Taylor Racing banner, he takes responsibility for organizing the racing that happens at each Double B event and keeps track of all the E.T.’s, quickest reaction times, round wins and points accrued for the association. 

Starting back in 1978 with his street car-the one he uses as his tow vehicle today- he’s no stranger to racing. Today he’s running a 1972 Mach 1 Mustang funny car with a 526 ci Brad Anderson Hemi under the flopper. With 40 years of experience racing, he is a force to be reckoned with and his sponsors: Syngenta Seed Care, Pro Muffler and Brake, and Jones Truck and Implement company help keep him on the track. When he’s not racing, Royce likes to go boating, hang out with his grandkids or work on his farm.

Royce is a grassroots drag racer, winning the alcohol funny car championship in 2003. Today, he is the 2018 Northwest BB/FC Champion ~ Congratulations Royce! It takes much hard work and dedication to achieve the top spot. 

Red Headed Stepchild

Team: Red Headed Stepchild
Owner: Steve and Patti Cluck
Driver: Steve Cluck
Crew chief/ Tuner: Steve Cluck

Crew: Sarah, Chuck, Toby, Patti and Tom
69 Camaro with BAE 512c.i.
Hometown: Olympia, WA
fb: Half Fast Racing NW 

Steve Cluck of Red Headed Stepchild wears many hats- owner, driver, tuner- he’s doing it all! Together with his wife Patti, Team Red Headed Stepchild is a valuable asset to the Northwest BB/FC association. With 4 years of experience racing an altered in the 7.0Pro class, Steve and Patti built their cherry red, 1969 Camaro affectionately named the Red Headed Stepchild with the intention of joining the BB/FC and the warm and welcoming folks of the BB Association made them feel like family. Based in Olympia, WA, and with the help of their sponsor Northwest Welding & Fabrication, Inc. it's easy for them to get to the races, but fans can keep up with the antics of the Red Headed Stepchild on FaceBook at Half Fast Racing NW. 



Owner: Greg’s Plumbing Inc.

Driver: Greg Howland

Crew Chief: Ken Gray

Crew: Luanne Howland, Gordon Oldham, Jay Gutzman, and JP Demers

1979 Chevrolet Corvette with a 517 C.I. New Century motor

Hometown: East Wenatchee, WA

Plumbing and fire sprinkler contractor

Racing for 38 years

55 Years old, 6’5” tall, 245 lbs.

I started racing high school drags at Firebird Raceway in Boise, ID in 1980 with some help from Bruce Skaug coaching service. One of my earliest accomplishments was winning what they called at the time AHRA World Finals in Spokane, WA. I didn’t think too much about it until I got a check for $2,500 plus a plaque, a trophy, and a jacket proclaiming that I was the 1999 World Champion. This set the hook for the future when I stepped up to Blown Alcohol class shortly thereafter. I don’t like to get too excited but I would have to say winning the Wally last year at Mission, B.C. Canada was pretty cool and just put the icing on the cake.

I am a founding member of the NW BB/FC, which started with a couple of phone calls from some friends and all were willing to gamble to purchase nostalgia bodies for our chassis and form our own association. To our potential sponsors, the NW BB/FC offers the greatest bang of entertainment for the buck around, for we base our marketing theory around “THE SHOW” and what the fans want and deserve. I would like to thank the thousands of loyal fans that plan their  weekends or vacations around the NW BB/FC appearances. I am really surprised at the amount of them. I would also like to thank my sponsors Bonifante Friction, Arias Pistons, and Venolia rods for their assistance.

Outside of racing I play in a band that plays mostly classic rock at a couple of venues per year. My wife, Luanne has several horses that we like to ride when we can and we love going to our house at the ocean as well.

American Muscle


Hubbert Motorsports

Owner/Driver: Ralph Hubbert

Crew chief:  Mike Padur

1970 Camaro Z28  526 BAE HEMI engine

Hometown:  Chehalis Washington

Day job:  automotive industry  

Years racing:  35 years

Ralph Hubbert of Hubbert Motorsports is a man driven to succeed. If you doubt it, just watch him make a heart-stopping charge down the 1320! With 35 years of racing experience under his belt, he is a formidable opponent in his beautiful, metallic blue funny car. Aptly named American Muscle, the 1970 Z28 Camaro body is a perfect representation of the golden era of drag racing when muscle cars ruled the strip. The 526 Brad Anderson Hemi power plant producing 2000+ HP allows Ralph to consistently make passes at over 200 MPH! And with the help of his crew chief, Mike Padur and his sponsors- Tires inc., Alloyed Polishing, Jester Auto Museum and Event Center, and H&H Classic Cars, Ralph and Hubbert Motorsports can be found running the Northwest BB/FC circuit where he is currently a top 5 contender. However, he says he’s happy to make a few runs wherever the fans request him. When asked what brought him to the Northwest BB/FC association, he said “it looked like a lot of fun.” We think the fans and his fellow drag racers will agree. Based in Chehalis, Washington, Ralph spends his days working in the automotive industry, helping his fellow drag racers and of course his customers and always looking forward to the next race. 

Hart Braker


Hart Braker Racing

Owner/Driver: Don Harter

1978 McCracken Corvette   

511c.i. TFX 

It's been a family affair with the Harters since 1994, starting with a left seat 27T Roadster running in the 9s. In 1999, we stepped up to a blown alcohol 23T Roadster that ran in the mid 6s. In 2005, we added a funny car as our second car, then in 2009, we changed over to two Nostalgia Alcohol Funny Cars to compete in the newly formed Northwest BB Funny Car Association.

Our 1978 Corvette is an original Steve McCracken body, believed to be the first one made. We’ve been told that only one was made with molded tail lights. Under the fiberglass, we’ve got a 511 c.i. TFX with BAE heads, 1471 High Helix Supercharger, 16 gpm fuel pump, and a 3 speed Lenco transmission, making about 2000 to 2500 horsepower!

With three generations of Harters at the races along with longtime friends and crew members, We wouldn't be able to do this type of racing if it wasn't for our friends and family that help us out. If we’re not having fun, we don't want to do it. 

And a very special thanks to our FANS, without you, we wouldn't have a place to race.